Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot

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The Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot are 5-year pilot programs that let qualified caregivers and their family members come to Canada with the goal of becoming permanent residents.

If you’ve been offered a job in Canada as a caregiver or have experience working in Canada as a caregiver, you may be able to apply for permanent residence through one of these pilots.

The application process will be different depending on your situation and how much qualifying work experience you have.

Qualifying work experience

Qualifying work experience means you’ve worked full-time in Canada in 1 of these National Occupational Classification (NOC) jobs:

  • home child care provider – NOC 4411
    • experience as a foster parent doesn’t count


  • home support worker – NOC 4412
    • experience as a housekeeper doesn’t count

Tell us how much work experience you have to find out how to apply.

You don’t have any qualifying work experience

You’ve never worked full-time as a caregiver in Canada.

You have some qualifying work experience, but less than 24 months


  • are working full-time as a caregiver in Canada right now, or
  • recently worked full-time as a caregiver in Canada

but you don’t have 24 months of experience yet

You have 24 or more months of qualifying work experience

In the last 36 months, you’ve worked full-time as a caregiver in Canada for a total of 24 months or more.


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